We love what we do and the exceptional actors we represent.

In action since 1998, ODD Management has been an influential force in New Zealand's film and television industry.

Driven to collaborate, develop and foster actors and their careers – It’s what we love most.

Motivated to ensure our actors put their best foot forward and create magic, ODD offers audition studio facilities and career guidance from an industry-respected team.

We’re no ordinary agency – we encourage authenticity and uniqueness.

Work with us and find your ODD.

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Liz Delaney


Meet Liz – the visionary Founder and Director of ODD. With nearly 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry, Liz's passion for storytelling and her commitment to fostering creativity continue to inspire her team, actors, and clients alike. ODDly, for someone who has never been camping, Liz is the definition of a “business” Swiss Army knife.


Sascha McMillan

Senior Agent

Meet Sascha – with her people-centric personality and two decades of experience in the film & television industry, Sascha brings a dedication to her clients that is unmatched. ODDly, for someone with no rhythm, Sascha is a passionate tap dancer from approx 3am.


Jzayla Hughey


Meet Jzayla – who brings film industry knowledge and experience from roles both in front and behind the camera, Jzayla holds an all-round perspective valuable to her role as an agent. ODDly, for someone who is the life of the party, she's always the first one asleep.

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Matt Dwyer

Actor Development

Meet Matt – a seasoned Casting Director and Actor with over 20 years experience in the entertainment business. His deep industry knowledge and innovative approach to auditions makes his work at the ODD Studio invaluable for actors. Passionate and personable, Matt is a key figure in casting and actor development.

Aria Hs Cropped

Aria Phillips


Meet Aria – a creative thinker with a love for the arts, entertainment and people. Aria holds extensive experience across the art, casting, and production departments in Film & TV. ODDly, for the tallest person we know, she has absolutely zero interest in sports and would rather crochet a handbag than ever pick up a netball.

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Sylvie Pease

Booking Assistant

Meet Sylvie – toting experience in front of the camera and from a Bachelor of Communications, Sylvie is a spirited creative with a love for uplifting people’s stories. ODDly, for someone with a 10-year-old’s wingspan, Sylvie will insist on reaching the high shelf for you.